About Us

Established in the year 2009 by a group of vibrant, foresighted and creative Individuals, Rico-Enoro Limited is a company which thrives with the concept of providing solutions.  Rico Enoro Limited carries out all operations with the principle of CANI (Continous And Never-ending Improvement) in view which ensures that we always remain the best & most current in every endeavour.

Rico-Enoro, As a solutions provider, aims to turn the fortunes of your firm around and add value in every area where we can collaborate.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to turn around the fortunes of the business community by providing various customized and company specific solutions in every sphere in which we operate. We strive to provide the best quality by making sure no cost is spared, even to our detriment while executing any projects.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the name to reckon with in every field we participate in by giving our best and more in every project we are involved in and also to spread our operations outside the shores of the continent through a well synchronized expansion strategy.

Our Team

We are a people oriented firm where we believe our team is the key driver to our success. The exceptional talent, passion and attitude of our employees are important to Rico-Enoro and also vital to our customers. We have well trained specialists in each department of the company with adequate qualification.

Each team is led by an experienced Team Leader who co-ordinates activities and reports decisions to the center so all activities are carried out promptly and efficiently. We ensure that every assignment is assigned to staff with the pre-requisite knowledge to handle it.

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